[Notice] Vatos Express at Timeworld Galleria (Daejeon) closing on July 31

Sunday, July 31, 2016 will be the last day of service at Vatos Express at the Timeworld Galleria Department Store in Daejeon.

As many of our patrons know, we’ve been dedicated to delivering a memorable full-service experience at our restaurants since 2011. This year, we’ve pursued that goal even further by ramping up our catering services and opening a multifunctional space, Urban Collective. Throughout this time, we’ve chosen to remain privately-owned and to not franchise our restaurants in order to preserve the “Vatos Experience.” While others have pointed out missed opportunities and challenges, we’ve always been resolute about moving at a pace that fits our culture and vision. And sometimes that means folding or moving branches.

As we grow as a restaurant and as a company, wrapping up our time in Daejeon will give us a chance to focus our resources, fine-tune our operations within Seoul and continue crafting new, exceptional dining experiences that have been part of our vision since the beginning.

To our friends who frequented our Daejeon location, we thank you for your support and for the memories. As we close the doors at Vatos Express in Daejeon, we’re filled with anticipation for what’s ahead, and we hope to share it with you again.

Team Vatos

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