Behind the scenes at the 2016 Spring Vatos Menu Competition

Twice a year, we host a seasonal menu development competitions that’s open to all Vatos employees, whether they’re on the floor, in the kitchen, or even at the office. The participants are first screened through an application process in which they submit their proposed recipes and related paperwork. Finalists are then invited to an in-person demonstration where they prep, cook and present their dishes to a panel of judges who will evaluate their dishes on creativity, process/hygiene, technique, and of course, taste.

For the winner behind the most creative dish, it’s not just about receiving a monetary prize, but for the chance to be featured on our menu. And there’s the added incentive that comes with being chosen: for a period of time when their dish is featured on our menu, the creator receives a percentage of the sales.

Last week, we hosted the menu development competition at Vatos Sinsa. Take a look at what happens behind the scenes when you hand over the reigns to some of the most talented and inventive people at Vatos.


Ready, get set, cook!






Our judges evaluate taste, presentation and everything in between.


The results? Moon-hyung from Vatos Sinsa and Richmond from Vatos Jamsil won the creative award, and Flora Lee of Vatos Jamsil won the competition with her spicy pork tacos.


Flora with her winning creation, the spicy pork tacos (제육볶음 타코).


Thank you to all everyone who participated in the event!


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