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[UPDATE 2016.01.24]

Happy 2016!

We’re kicking off the new year with some updates to warm your hearts.

Our Pay It Forward campaign, which you can read about below, went above and beyond any of our expectations. To recap, in 10 days over the holidays, a total of 201 Vatos guests participated in our campaign and donated over 3 million KRW and wrote dozens of Christmas cards for the children served by Jerusalem Ministry.


On January 7, we purchased winter coats with the funds donated by our patrons and presented them along with cards to the 43 children participating in the Winter Arts and Crafts Camp hosted by Jerusalem Ministry.



The children enjoyed trying on their clothes and modeling them on the spot and reading the Christmas wishes on the cards.

UPDATE: Check out this video of the winter camp produced by Jerusalem Ministry (you can find us starting at 1:42)!

Arts & Crafts Camp 2016 from Jisu Choi on Vimeo.


But there’s more! Thanks to the generosity of our patrons, we were able to pass on the spirit of giving to another group of children at an orphanage served by Jerusalem Ministry. On January 21, we visited Myeongjin Children’s Center with arms full of winter pajamas, sneakers, diapers and other necessities for a group of infants and babies.


Myeongjin is home to 95 children, and we visited the group of infants and babies aged two to 24 months. We were a bunch of strangers at first, but the children warmed up to us immediately, showering us with smiles, laughter and play over the course of two hours.


We watched babies just learning how to walk waddling around and laughed with them as they fell over. We had long conversations with babies who were just starting to babble. The couple hours we spent with these children were so special, and when it was time to leave, it was that much harder to say good-bye.


Thank you to everyone who “paid it forward” and to Jerusalem Ministry and Myeongjin Children’s Center for allowing us to be a part of something special this holiday season. But most of all, we are so grateful for the children who shared their smiles with us and filled us with joy this season.

From our hearts, happy 2016.

Team Vatos


[UPDATE 2015.12.28]


We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support the Vatos community has shown during this Christmas season for the Children of Jerusalem Ministry.  From Dec. 18th – 24th, we were able to PAY the love and care that we received FORWARD by providing over 4.5 Million KRW worth of food to over 200 guests.  Our guests in turn, have PAID IT FORWARD to the children in the tune of over 3Mil KRW!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We are so grateful for the enthusiastic show of love and care this community has shown and we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to play our small part in this campaign.

We will be updating again soon with pictures and videos of the presents and essentials that we will be delivering to the children in the first week of January.  Thank you once again, and have a Happy New Year!


[UPDATE 2015.12.22]



After just 4 days of our “Pay It Forward” Campaign, we’ve had 121 of our guests participate and we were able to raise over 1.8 Million KRW for the children of Jerusalem Ministry.  We are blown away by the support and encouragement we have received for this campaign, and we want you to spread the word because the campaign is on-going through the dinner service on Christmas eve.

Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to just “pay it forward” through Vatos.  Any big or small act of kindness to someone in need near you can start this “kindness relay.”  If we help 3 people in need, and those 3 people help an additional 3 people each… and if this cycles forward continuously, we can bring about a very positive change in our community.  So don’t wait, don’t hesitate.  Go start “paying it forward!”  (For those of you interested in finding more about the Vatos’ Pay It Forward Campaign – please keep scrolling down.)




In this season of thanks and sharing of blessings, Vatos wants to “pay forward” the amazing love and support we have received for the past four years.

For the past several years, Vatos has been sponsoring an annual youth soccer camp, organized and run by Jerusalem Ministry, an NGO established to serve the orphaned children of Seoul.  (For more info visit www.jerusalemministry.org) When we were brainstorming about this year’s Christmas charity campaign for Vatos, our hearts were drawn to the children once again.  Christmas season is a time for us to share our love and care with our friends, family and loved ones, but some of the most essential ingredients of Christmas are missing in the lives of these kids.


Jerusalemministry Soccer-campIMG_5919IMG_7892


We wanted to create a Christmas Campaign that would have meaning and encourage participation from our guests, so we can have as many people share in the Christmas spirit as possible.

Introducing the Vatos’ Pay It Forward Campaign –

From Dec. 18th through Dec. 24th, at our Itaewon, Sinsa and Jamsil branches – we will be randomly selecting one lucky table per hour during dinner service (7pm-10pm [11pm on weekends]) to pay for the guests’ entire meal. In return, we ask the guests from the selected table to make a donation amount of their choice and write a Christmas card for the kids. (100% of the donation amount will go towards purchasing Christmas gifts & winter essentials, like winter coats, that the orphanages requested.)

For most of us, the people who need our love and care are nearer to us than we realize.  In the true spirit of “paying it forward” – we hope that all of us keep spreading the love and good deeds to the people around us and pay our blessings forward continuously throughout the year.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Let’s start MAKING LIVES and start something special together this Christmas season!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with happiness and life!


The Vatos Family



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